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English Premier League, Soccer

A Short History and Overview of the English Premier League

English Premier League

The Premier League, also fondness known as The Premiership, is the Great pride of football in the United Kingdom. The league is comparatively young and was consists in response to the decline of the sport in UK during the 1980s.English Football stadiums were being disregarded and football clubs were prohibit from competition in Europe as a result of the disaster that occurred during the 1985s European Cup Tournament at Heysel Stadium in Brussels. The Premier League First Division, which had been the major English football league since 1888, lagged well behind its Italian and Spanish rivals and numerous top English players chose to play abroad.

In early 1990s, matter begin to turn around as England successfully reached the semi-finals in the 1990s FIFA World Cup. And Europe’s governing body of football, UEFA, lifted the five year prohibit on European competitions in that same year. The league has seen an blast in growth and is this time the most viewed football league in the world.

In February of 1992, The FA Premier League was set up and the 1st games were played in August of the same year. Originally, there were twienty two clubs in league.


However, now there are 22 teams in the league. The FA Premier League’s name was officially changed in to the The Premier League in 2007. The Premier Leaguee is also known as Barclays Premier League beceause Barclays Bank are the official sponsor.

The Premier League’s football seasons begin from August to May and each team plays at least 38 games. Overall the years, a total of 40 football clubs have participated in The Premier League. However, of the 40 teams that have competed in The Premier League, only Four have won the UK Premiership title – those teams include Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, and Chelsea. The current football champion is Liverpool 2019-2020.Manchester United has Most Records who holds the record of winning the most Premiership titles – Manchester United boasts a total of 13 UK Premiership titles.


The Premier League is organized as a corporation with the 20 join
football clubs holding interest in the league. Each joining club in The Premiership is treated as a shareholder and is entitled to one vote on the issues such as contracts and rule changes.

The Premier League is wildly popular throughout the world and owes much of its success to media coverage of football sporting events. In 1992 to assign broadcasting rights to BSkyB has paid lot off. Over a half a billion people follow Premier League and it is clubs are most popular in Asia, where it is the most widely promoted sports program.

With improving and statistics like these, it seems The Premier League has stumbled upon a golden formula.However we all know that The Premier League is very popular soccer league in the world..